Museums and Heritage

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Dauphinois Museum

Dauphinois Museum– The Musée dauphinois is a county museum, located in Grenoble. The museum was founded in 1906 by the ethnographer Hipollyte Müller. Until 1968, it was installed in the convent of Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas in the street Très-Cloîtres.

Archaeological Museum

Grenoble Archaeological Museum is a museum located in Grenoble, France. It occupies the historic site of Saint-Laurent at the foot of the Bastille on the right bank of the Isère.

Grenoble's Museum

The museum of Grenoble’s history is exceptional, from its foundation by Louis-Joseph Jay 200 years ago, to the inauguration of its new building in 1994. The museum’s collection began to be constituted at the end of the 18th century …

Ancient Eveche Museum

Bishop Palace Museum– At the heart of Grenoble’s historic district, the museum offers a journey below Notre Dame square, to the vestiges of the city’s fortified ramparts, Grenoble’s first baptistery, and into the old bishop’s palace.

Museum of Mountain Troops

The museum of the mountain troops invites you into the world of a mountain soldier. This cultural area of 600 m² exhibits a special collection, and also shows French international, military engagements and its repercussions.

Palais de Justice

Palace of Justice-a remarkable 15th- to 16th-century building that was the Parliament House of the Estates of the Dauphiné for 500 years. The elaborately detailed facade features decorative styles from Flamboyant Gothic to Early Renaissance. The center is the oldest part, created around 1490 to 1510 from Echaillon stone.

Grenoble's Cathedral

Grenoble’s Cathedral– Built in the 13th century, Grenoble Cathedral underwent extensive rebuilding in the nineteenth century and more recently in the 1990s. The Cathedral is part of a complex of historic buildings which includes the former bishop’s palace, Saint-Hugh’s church, and the remnants of a fourth century baptistery …

Resistance and Deportation's Museum

The Museum of Resistance and Deportation, which presents the history of resistance in the Isère Region, was opened in 1963 and re-opened in 1994 in a new building. The exhibition focuses on … Grenoble, 1943, German troops in the city, Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation de l’Isère Image: Grenoble, undated …